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Byzance Design offers you the presence of an architect or a project manager, a real asset to take charge of your project from A to Z and carry it out at your side. You benefit from its creative and conceptual added value and its in-depth knowledge of the building industry.

As a real construction, renovation, extension and development professional Byzance Design's architect or project manager quickly brings you a real bespoke proposal, to give life to your project.

Byzance Design is qualified RGE to make you benefit from the Eco-PTZ and the sustainable development tax credit (CIDD). This qualification is also a guarantee of qualification (also called "quality signs") issued and accredited. Signs of quality are evaluated in accordance with a reference system for the recognition of professional, technical and financial capacities for the design and execution of works.



Build your life project & renovate to begin a new chapter in your story

Byzance Design is a reference in the construction and renovation of passive housing or meeting the criteria of RT 2020. We provide personalized assistance from the design of your project to the choice of materials for different spaces such as the kitchen, the bathroom and the bedrooms. Your expert in construction and renovation also realizes villa renovation, extension of traditional house, renovation of wooden frame house, etc.

Passive Habitat

A Byzance Design passive house consumes 90% less heating energy than an existing building. And 50% less than a newly built house according to current thermal regulations (RT 2012). Regardless of its construction and geographical location, a Byzance Design passive house, with all the modern comforts, needs no more than 15 kWh per m² per year (1.5 liters per m² and per year). of oil equivalent) in heating.

Current passive achievements show that this definition is valid for regions with a harsh climate or a southern climate; the entire area between Madrid and Stockholm. A passive house costs between 10 to 25 euros per month in heating. This is significantly lower than a low energy house (between 40 to 65 kWh / (m²a), depending on the climate zone). And yet the comfort is much better!

For heating, passive house Byzance Design uses all available heat sources (sun, inhabitants, appliances, etc.). Extremely high insulation of exterior walls, roof and floor; as well as triple glazed windows allow to keep the heat inside. The fresh air is provided by acontrolled mechanical ventilation (VMC), double flow and inaudible (25db), which recovers heat from the outgoing air to warm the incoming air.

RT 2020

The RT2020 will implement the positive energy building concept all new housing built in 2020, also called "BEPOS" within the Sustainable Building Plan, these regulations will be objective regulations, leaving a total freedom of design, limiting simply energy consumption. Positive energy buildings are buildings that produce more energy (heat, electricity) than they consume. These are generally passive buildings that are very efficient and strongly equipped with energy production means in relation to their energy needs.

In the realization of positive energy habitats Byzance Design adopts the principles of the passive house, including in addition elements of energy production such as ventilation with heat recovery on stale air, reinforced thermal insulation, passive solar energy capture, high-quality windows, limited energy consumption of household appliances, rainwater harvesting.

Thus, walls, roofs, windows are used in the accumulation and return of heat or in the production of electricity. The surplus in energy is done thanks to bioclimatic and constructive principles but also by the behavior of the users who will limit their consumption. A study conducted by ADEME in June 2012 shows that for the hundred or so positive energy projects in France (65% in the tertiary sector, 29% in individual houses and 6% in collective dwellings) consumption is around 50 kWh / m2 / year, performance that can be further improved, making the 2020 goal of 3X20 possible, through the generalization of detection lighting and LEDs.


Commercial Design-build


Hotel, restaurant, offices , golf country clubs … Byzance completes your professional projects from architectural concept to interior design, through the implementation of an exclusive concrete building system. A single point of contact at your service, coordinating its own teams, is the originality and strength of the design your life Byzance concept. Our French-Swiss structure allows us to work on French and Swiss Geneva Lake region.


Precast concrete and wooden frame constructions:
Exclusive eco-friendly construction systems 

Byzance offers high end precast concrete constructions, quickly and at very competitive prices.

Byzance Design is the exclusive distributor of the Magmur building system: prefabricated concrete walls with insulators and integrated electrical ducts. A process developed by the company PréfaBéton. Ultra-resistant, natural, local, non-polluting, 100% recyclable, with a high thermal inertia ... After analysis and contrary to popular belief, concrete cultivates its qualities and erases its defects to meet the challenge of sustainable construction. Thanks to many technological innovations, the most used material in the world is becoming more and more ecological. Particularly involved in the development of constructive modes respectful of the environment, Byzance also develops a new wood offer for the residential ... Discover Byzance Wood by clicking here (add a link to a technical brochure on the wood frame: we will give you will transmit next week).

Our concrete / wood construction systems adapt to all regulatory, technical or architectural constraints. They are willingly integrated as main elements in a BBC type label approach or passive house promoting sustainable development.


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Concrete at the cutting edge of creativity

Beyond its performance, concrete is today recognised as a material of undeniable decorative qualities. By-product of the industrial floor technologies, waxed concrete is now an established choice in new and renovated floors in design houses; successfully combining performance and aesthetics. Concrete is also expressed in the shape of everyday objects: lamp, table, magazine racks ... giving them a unique character. Latest technical innovation to date: translucent concrete and its beautiful play of lights.

Byzance is a certified applicator of Marius Aurenti waxed concrete.
Our show-room presents materials and illustrations of translucent concrete walls.


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