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Magmur: our concrete building system


Byzance is the exclusive distributor for the Magmur building system: precast concrete walls with integrated insulation and electrical conduits. A process developed by PréfaBéton.

Validated by a technical certificate, Magmur adapts to every technical or architectural regulatory constraints. It can easily be integrated as the main element in a low energy house / BBC label approach or a passive house favouring sustainable development.



Developers, architects: let's work together on your real estate projects


Our integrated design office will carry out a personalised study of your brief to optimise the future usage of our precast walls as well as the building costs thanks to a quick building speed and an exceptional value for money.

Thanks to the "Passive House European Designer" accreditation delivered by the German organisation Passivhaus Institute, Prefabéton allows us to support you from the concept to the completion of your project whilst guaranteeing to achieve the standard required for certification.


The benefits of precast concrete


/ The excellent value for money offered by the material is linked to the production environment in which the concrete elements are produced. Indeed, this very environment reduces the number of errors, the quantity of rejects and therefore the costs.

/ The reduction of the building time on site leads to a reduction in the labour and transport costs.

/ Temperature control, skilled workers and the suitable location of the building site also have a suitable impact on quality. This way our precast elements meet all major national and international standards.

/ With a UPC coefficient below 0.20 (analysed by the CSTB), our product is extremely performant in the Summer against the heat and in the Winter against the cold. - Quality can also be found in other niche characteristics of precast concrete, such as shape retention, dimensions and properties, as well as resistance to bad weather.


Our commitment to sustainable development


In our workshops, we recycle all the materials used for construction:

/ Concrete, a noble product based on aggregates and cement allows for the recycling of all waste as well as being itself recyclable.

/ A very low water consumption thanks to a water recovery system.

/ Armature is recycled by recasting.

/ Insulation wastes are returned to the factory to be reused.

This approach is also effective on site as our building system allows us to operate clean and waste free building sites.

From individual house to multi-family housing


To meet all of our clients’ needs, our process, originally designed for pavilions, is now available for multi-family housing.

In late 2012, the first BBC label certified construction was completed in Pontarlier in the shape of a 26 apartment building.


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